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This is a 100% charity project; all funds raised will go directly to NAMI SW WA (National Alliance on Mental Illness Southwest Washington). Steven has been a volunteer NAMI support group leader since early 2021. Steven comes from a family with a history of mental illness and is currently earning his doctorate in clinical psychology. Again, all money raised for this album goes directly to NAMI SW WA, which is a non-profit organization that provides free mental health services to those who need it most, so PLEASE donate what you can before rocking out to my music. 🙏

This album took a little over a year to write, perform, record, and mix. Steven is the only musician performing on this album. Every instrument you hear is conducted by Steven himself. Steven's mostly known for his guitar work and has always shied away from singing. However, he's not only being vulnerable with his voice on this album, but he opens up and sings about deep topics. Some are meant to be fun, and others very serious.

Steven has lived in several places in the U.S., but was born and raised in West Virginia, hence the straw hat and corncob pipe - exaggerating and having fun with the stereotype of West Virginians. Steven is proud of his heritage; it's made him into what he is today - a quiet, laid-back guy with a sense of humor and a soft spot for cats. Speaking of cats, Odis (the one-eyed cat) is a representation of a grumpy tabby cat, named Sunshine, that Steven had many years ago. Since Sunshine is no longer with us, Tiffany Summers of Portland, OR, was kind enough to introduce me to Odis to represent my grumpy tabby cat. Thank you Tiffany and Odis!

This album includes 13 original songs - written, performed, produced, and mastered by Steven Draper March 2021 - August 2022. Encore songs are bonus songs, in-addition to Nursing Home Rock World Tour 2022, as supplement bonus cover material. All rights reserved, copyright Steven Draper 2022.

HUGE thank you to Adrian Belitu | eBibs® for creating the avatar drawing for the album cover; you're an amazing artist! An even bigger thank you to my wonderful partner, friend, and wife, Kristy for helping me make this happen; you absolutely mean the world to me. Last, but not least, thank you everyone at NAMI for making this world a better place; you do so much for so many and ask so little in return. Thank you everyone, and THANK YOU everyone who are so very kind to donate to this worthy cause. Without you, music, art, and charity projects like these wouldn't exist. 🥰

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