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Personal Coaching


I am a certified RRCA and USATF Level I coach. I have extensive personal experience writing training plans for every distance of running event/race ranging from 5k to marathon.

Whether you're new to running, looking to improve your fitness, training for a specific event/race, let me help you meet your goals. My coaching style is very open, detail-oriented, non-judgmental, honest, supportive, and sincere. My coaching philosophy is to help athletes meet their goals while being mindful of their overall physical and mental health. Together, we can work towards accomplishing what may seem impossible.

Prices vary based on need and commitment. Most athletes request weekly one-on-one coaching sessions (in-person or virtual), plus comprehensive coaching session follow up emails, and custom weekly training plans, while other athletes prefer daily interaction and much more coaching commitment. Consultation is complimentary! There are no subscriptions and you may cancel at any time (I just kindly ask for a 24-hour notice).


Use the contact form, below, to tell me your goals, and let's get started!

Personalized Plant-Based Meal Planning for Runners

Add personalized plant-based meal planning to your coaching services.


The personalized meal planning is provided by Kristy Draper, Solutionary Lifestyle Coach and founder of VegfulLife. Kristy holds a certificate from Rouxbe Online Culinary School for the Professional Plant-Based Culinary program and the Essential Vegan Desserts program.

We will work with Kristy to customize a weekly or event-specific meal plan to help fuel your runs.

Personalized weekly meal plans can be added to running coach plans for a small additional weekly or monthly fee, which can be tailored towards general running or a specific event.
She is also available for individual culinary coaching if desired.

Group rates are also available! Prices vary based on group size; the larger the group, the cheaper it is for each individual! All taxes are included.


All profits and donations go toward funding Solutionary Running's mission - to offer free services for underprivileged youth athletes.

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